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I’m Laura Best.

I help purpose-driven businesses reach those they wish to serve with authentic, compelling storytelling.

During my 20+ years in the UK and US media worlds, I’ve connected teams, clients, internal stakeholders, agencies, journalists, photographers, artists….I simply love to bring people and ideas together.

I know how it feels to be asked to make a brand stand out and to dig deep to create something real.

It may appear easy to tell a story. Yet, to share a message that positively impacts those you want to reach in an authentic and compelling way, while also driving business results? That involves insight, focus, flair and a commitment to creating something different and real.

I believe in the power of collaboration, of generosity and the beauty of art to help businesses of all shapes and sizes fulfill their potential.

I want “the work” to make a difference, so I partner with purpose-driven and socially-conscious businesses who are working to create positive change in the world.

Your business may be global corporate, fast growth, non-profit or start-up - the size matters less than your desire to make a genuine impact on peoples’ lives.

I consider myself a coach to your brand. We partner together - in workshops, in research, in 1:1 sessions - with you and your team involved in the journey.

That means you don’t get a consultant who parachutes in, leaves you with an oh-so-pretty 50-page deck, and waits for more budget.

You and your team are invested in the work - you understand it and know how to execute it.

My belief in collaboration also means that I bring together the best-of-the-best professionals for your projects. That gives you access to award-winning professionals on an as-needed basis - no need for you or your teams to search or manage multiple agencies.

Laura flawlessly masters the fine art (and juggling act) of driving business results for clients, inspiring creative teams, motivating delivery teams and advocating the happiness and satisfaction of the end user/consumer.
— Tim Armitage, former SVP, Strategy at Possible Worldwide,
Laura has particular expertise in content strategy that is difficult to find. She is a leader of the most rare type - she leads by example. She is smart, strategic, thoughtful and a quick learner. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Laura jumped right in and figured out what needed to be done. Without hesitation or complaint, she figured out where the gaps were and quickly moved to fill them in.
— Greg McGee, Group Director, SapientNitro